400, Herbert Macaulay Road
Yaba, Lagos

The Strategic Information Team has 3 sub-units namely:

Needs Assessment  | Monitoring & Evaluation  |  Documentation

Needs Assessment Sub-Unit
This sub-unit is responsible for:

  • Identifying public primary schools that will benefit from Edu-Aid’s programme activities;
  • Arranging suitable appointments with the school authorities for conducting the needs assessment exercise;
  • Conducting the needs assessment exercise and compiling the report to reflect all the identified needs and the immediate issues to be acted upon; and
  • Circulating the needs assessment report.


Monitoring & Evaluation Sub-Unit
This sub-unit is responsible for:

  • Conducting on-going monitoring and terminal evaluation of all programme activities conducted by all Edu-Aid teams and their sub-units, thus ensuring that all identified and prioritized needs in the schools are appropriately addressed.


Documentation Sub-Unit
This sub-unit is responsible for:

  • Documenting all Edu-Aid programme activities;
  • Producing Programme Update Reports as and when due; and
  • Publishing ‘Educate’

Membership is open to all interested persons. Please note that with the exception of publishing ‘Educate’, all other programme activities undertaken by members of this team are carried out during official school hours. Therefore, prospective members of this team must be committed to being available during the official school hours of 8am and 3pm, Mondays to Fridays.



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