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The Mentoring & Development Team has 4 sub-units namely:

Mentoring & Role Model  |  Book Club  |   Parents Teachers Association (PTA)  |  Scholarship

Mentoring & Role Model Sub-Unit
The main objective of the Mentoring & Role Model Sub-Unit is to provide guidance and direction to school children as they aspire to be the best individuals they can be, in terms of their hopes, expectations of life and career aspirations, and to better prepare them for life’s challenges. In order to achieve this objective, the sub-unit is responsible for:

  • Developing, coordinating and implementing programmes aimed at creating and promoting an enabling environment to support the proper educational and social development of public primary school children.
  • Developing ideal extracurricular activities to actively engage the school children. Selected activities include: Drama & Dance Club, Literary & Debate Club, Arts & Crafts, and Sports/Outdoor Activities; and
  • Providing one-on-one counseling for children requiring special attention.


Book Club Sub-Unit
The main objective of the Book Club Sub-Unit is to develop a learning and reading culture early in the lives of school children to give them a more solid educational foundation. In order to achieve this objective, the sub-unit is responsible for:

  • Acquiring list of books and purchasing the recommended academic and non-academic books, encyclopaedia, dictionaries, as well as books for teachers and school administrators;
  • Establishing an attractive and functional school library;
  • Holding weekly book club meetings in Edu-Aid supported schools;
  • Identifying pupils requiring special attention to acquire basic R.A.W. (i.e. Reading, Arithmetic & Writing) skills; and
  • Providing the necessary support for the school children identified as requiring special attention.


Parents Teachers Association Sub-Unit
The main objective of the Parents Teachers Association Sub-Unit is to work closely with parents and teachers with the aim of ensuring the success and sustainability of the Edu-Aid Programme. In order to achieve this objective, the sub-unit is responsible for:

  • Developing cordial working relationships with the Head Teacher, Assistant Head Teacher, and other teachers;
  • Working closely with the teachers to implement all programme activities aimed at supporting the educational development of the pupils;
  • Ensuring Edu-Aid’s active involvement in P.T.A. meetings to enable us highlight and emphasize the responsibilities of parents and teachers to the educational wellbeing of the children; and
  • Determination of provision of motivation to teachers e.g. conduct of teachers’ training programmes, etc.


Scholarship Sub-Unit
The main objective of the Scholarship Sub-Unit is to ensure that every child has a fair chance of acquiring basic primary education, irrespective of the capability of parents to provide such. The sub-unit also aims to reward academically high performing students, which is expected to serve as motivation for others to excel. In order to achieve this objective, the sub-unit is responsible for:

  • Developing the criteria for the award of scholarships;
  • Determining the scholarship package;
  • Identifying pupils to award scholarships based on the agreed criteria;
  • Periodically reviewing the status of all scholarship awardees to ensure that the awards are still relevant; and
  • Organising a Prize Giving Day for high performing students.


Membership is open to all interested persons, especially qualified professionals in the areas of Education, Sociology, Psychology, Humanities, etc. Team members are expected to be available to carry out their assignments during or immediately after the official school hours of 8:00am and 3:00pm



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