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The need to support the whole child is recognized in order to facilitate learning. Holistic (i.e. whole child) mentoring has been adopted as Edu-Aid’s platform for equipping primary school children with the skills, knowledge, qualities and character traits required to become leaders and positively impact their generation.

Edu-Aid will also work closely with the beneficiary public primary schools to create the right atmosphere and culture for mentoring to occur. Role modeling will play a vital role and Edu-Aid will introduce public primary school children to individuals who have excelled in life and who have a passion for sharing their experiences with others.


Phonics Training
Phonics is the art of teaching reading by training beginners to associate letters with their sound values (sounding the word). The first few years at school is vital. This is where the foundations are laid, and where children learn ‘how to learn’. At 5, children are at their keenest and most eager to learn.

The learning experiences they have at this age influence whether they see themselves as ‘successful’ or ‘failing’ learners. It is at word level that many children fail to grasp the skills necessary to sound out unknown words for reading and spelling. This is where the explicit teaching of phonic skills can quickly empower children to read and write unknown words. If phonics is incorporated into an exciting and rich full literacy programme, children will have everything they need to help them become confident and independent readers and writers who love literacy.



Edu-Aid holds a monthly general meeting on the 1st Saturday of every month @ 12:00noon prompt @ Yaba Centre, 400 Herbert Macaulay Road, Yaba, Lagos.
 Mentoring & Phonics Training
November 2010
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